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When placing an order please be sure to select the correct shipping region, to ensure that your order can be completed.


For customers located in the US, we offer several shipping  options.

For customers located in the EU, shipping routes and prices will vary based on your location. If a shipping method is not available to your location, please email us here.

Washing Instructions



Do not wash kimonos above  35°C / 95° F.  Washing at higher temperatures can cause shrinkage, premature fading and warping in the collar of your kimono. 

Soaking your coloured kimono in a solution of water and white vinegar for 1h before the first wash can prolong the colour. We recommend a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water.

Washing a coloured kimono inside-out will also reduce colour fading over time. Separate white kimonos from any coloured fabrics to avoid colour transfer.

Do not use fabric softener. It can shorten the life of your kimono and makes it easier for opponents to get grips on you.

Hang to dry. Tumble drying can significantly shorten the life of your kimono, cause shrinkage,  colour fading and permanent damage to the collar.

With correct care, expect minimal shrinkage of up to 10-15mm from the wrist over extended use.


Be sure to close any velcro strips in your laundry load before washing, particularly on fight shorts. Velcro can easily attach itself to the polyester fibers in rashguards and cause piling, damaging your gear.

Machine wash at 40°C / 105° F or on a synthetics cycle.
Do not tumble dry.

Return & Exchange Policy

Returns and exchanges will only be accepted for unwashed, unworn merchandise with original tags and packaging within 14 days of ship date. 


Any items returned that do not meet these criteria will not be eligible for return or exchange (i.e., item appears dirty, smells of cigarette smoke or detergent, covered in animal dander or deodorant marks, have visible signs of wear, etc.). All returns or exchanges will be at the discretion of Pronoia. 

For returns or exchanges, we highly recommend shipping with insurance coverage and transit tracking. Pronoia is not responsible for missing, damaged, or packages lost in transit. Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges, as well as, shipping charges associated with exchanges.

Refused or undeliverable packages are subject to return shipping costs. Return shipping costs vary by shipping method used in the order. Pronoia is not responsible for any shipping fees due to the return of undeliverable packages. 

Please email us here to proceed with your return request. 

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